Cinderella party

In January Matilda turned 6 and on February 1 we celebrated with a Cinderella Party

(be warned, there are many photos in this post!)


When the girls arrived they were given a brown apron and a cleaning cloth. 

This was authentic Cinderella!

The fairy Godmother arrived


(in a dress designed by Amelia – it had to be strapless)

to turn all of the girls into princesses for the ball

dressed for ball

The dresses are open down the back with the big bow tie closure and a tie halter neck – designed to be worn as a costume over clothes.  As a surprise the girls all got to take their dresses home.

Made from a silk like fabric (it can’t be silk, I got it for 30 rupees a metre – about $0.50) in different shades of pink and blue satin for Matilda.  They were trimmed with sequins and Indian beads


There was sparkly nail polish




Party food



and lots of games






Then came the cake


Matilda made some minor adjustments



I used 2 bundt tins to make the dress cake.  The larger tin wasn’t kind to me and the cake broke as I took it out – lace to the rescue!

You can imagine the look on my face as I was pushing the legs of the doll into the cake, hoping the whole thing wouldn’t fall apart, but it didn’t thank goodness



In India the Birthday girl has to eat her cake first.  Well she should have it shoved into her mouth and icing/cream/cake smeared all over her face, but we stopped at eating


Just the girls in this shot



Happy 6th Birthday Matilda!

(and a special thankyou to Christelle who took most of the fabulous photos)

3 thoughts on “Cinderella party

  1. Yes Shannon, all sewed by me! Have to make one more for a little girl who couldn’t make it to party, so will take a few pics along the way to post. Lx

  2. Amazing job mama, as always. Gorgeous idea and so generous, bet the girls were thrilled with their dresses. Your girls just get more lovely every year.

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