decorating while renting

air india2

It’s hard to make a house your own when it and most of the furniture in it are not yours.

I feel anything in a range from comfortable through to long term hotel stay and then so completely frustrated by the layout that I want to scream.

So many little things had been bothering me and it was time to do something about them

tv area

This was the view from our dining table.  With the painted feature wall, it was a shrine to the television and all things audio visual.  Not really my style.

It was made worse by power outlets at random places on the wall, and the ones up high are not centred

sept 13 066

See one of the power points above Lach’s head in this Anakin Skywalker impersonation?


I guess you would call this an ‘installation’.  It’s made from coir mats and a sequin saree border.



I sliced this mat to fit around the speaker and cover the power point


I’m happy that now when I look in the direction of the tv there is something other than that big black screen to catch my eye


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