my Elsa

Amelia turned 9 back in March and had a Frozen party in April


She asked for an Elsa dress.  Fortunately during one single trip to my favourite fabric market I picked up silk, organza and stretch fabrics in a range of acceptable colours.  Living in a country where perception is that everything is available becomes a crushing defeat when that reality exists at minimums of 1000m or so.  I have learnt over the years to find fabric first and work around it.  Hunting for a specific fabric can be very demoralising, not to mention time consuming.


I started making the bodice from a basic t-shirt pattern using a lightweight white stretch fabric.  I lengthened the sleeves and then cut the neckline to be off the shoulder and added wide elastic.

With the top on Amelia, I pinned the bodice into place.  The fabric I bought was already pin tucked in this beautiful diamond design.  I then added a basic skirt.  Although Elsa’s was fitted we both agreed it would be more functional as a dress-up to be a bigger skirt.  Miss A did insist on the front split though!

Then we needed the ice cape.  Elsa’s starts under the arm, and after watching the movie a few times, I think there are pieces at the side front and then a larger cape at the back.  Running with that idea I attached 2 gathered ivory organza panels at the side front (same length as skirt) and a long train cape across the back.  This was also made in 2 pieces for ease of putting on and taking off – the dress opens down the back and does up with one button and one ribbon bow.




We braided her hair as unfortunately her Elsa wig did not arrive in time.  I’ll update with another photo soon!

Elsa has a number of costume changes during the movie, so there are many dresses when you search.

I started party planning on Pinterest and found some great ideas.

We printed activities at our local print store to make crowns, door hangers and Elsa and Anna dolls – link here





We had bowls of white marshmallows, chocolate cup cakes drenched in icing sugar, star and snowman cookies and white chocolate fudge

and a Frozen Ice Castle cake


This was a bought cake with white chocolate shards poked all over.  I used blue food colouring and sprinkles, and a mini Elsa doll (standing on a small blue ikea plastic bowl) at the centre



Happy Birthday Amelia!





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