display case


Sometimes function clearly outweighs form in the design stakes

and never is that more so than in India, where you could dust twice a day if you were that fanatical

So a china cabinet, or the idea of keeping items under glass makes perfect sense


display case 4


This cabinet started it’s new life with me in the back of a delivery 3 wheeler, along with my good friend Gail’s amazing bench seats (wish I’d grabbed one of those too!)


display case 2


At home it looked like this, dirty, damaged and broken glass and doors that didn’t open or close very well


display case 3

I’m assuming it was once a spinning unit, as each shelf has a patched hole in the middle

Remembering my house in Melbourne with it’s heavy timber look, I decided to paint.  I won’t bore you with my efforts to buy authentic chalk paint, submission of material safety data sheets to DHL and customs…. only to make a fabulous version of home made chalk paint with my 20 rupee (less than $0.40) per bag chalk




I chose a slightly chartreuse shade of yellow for the interior and mixed my own colour for the exterior.  It started as a dark blue with leanings towards grey.  As I added the chalk it became lighter and a purple shade, so first my paint shop attempted to deepen the colour, then I added black, from a small bottle of tint provided to me free of charge from the paint shop.

I’ve always enjoyed a gin and tonic, and now after being introduced to Hendricks I’m never going back.  If you haven’t tried it I most strongly urge you to – but not with lemon.  Peel and slice some cucumber as tall as your serving glass, approx. 2cm thick.  Remove the seeds.  Start with ice, then cucumber, gin and then tonic.  The cucumber makes a great stirrer and tastes amazing to eat at the end of your drink.  It’s an incredibly fresh drink.




Now I have a great spot for my peacock





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